GreenDay Biography

"I wanna be the minority, I dont need your authority"

This is a brief biography of GreenDay's history which i have gave my time to writing, in my words of course, so it might not be 100% accurate.

Green Day Biography
As all dedicated GreenDay fans will realize unless they are retarded of course, is that the band consists of 3 members.
Billie Joe Armstrong ( 17 February 1972,California, USA; vocals/guitar),
Mike Dirnt (b. 4 May 1972, California, USA; bass/vocals) and Tre Cool (b. Frank Edwin Wright III, 9 December 1972, Germany; drums/vocals).
Billie and Mike had been playing together since the age of 11 performing in garage bands. Tre Cool had been in a band called The Lookouts who broke up in 1990, but their final EP, IV, featured Billie Joe playing guitar and singing backing vocals on three tracks. How good is that? Anyway, Billie and Mike had formed their own band at the age of 14, i think, called Sweet Children with their temp. drummer John Kiffmeyer.Billie Joe wrote his first song at age 5! However he wrote a song at age 12, which is on 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. See if you can guess which one it is.
Soon enough they changed their name to GreenDay, inspired by their fondness for weed ( or as posh ppl know it as 'marijuana').
Their debut album, 39/Smooth, recorded in a single day, had 10 punk rock tracks.Then soon after John Kiffmeyer booked their first big national tour, but regretably then left the band to concentrate on his college studies.
Tre Cool was asked to join, and he done so (duh), and wrote the funny wee song, 'Dominated Love Slave for Kerplunk!
Dookie stormed the charts, going on to sell over nine million copies in the USA.
By 1995, it was confirmed that they had sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Dirnt said: "We just figured out a formula and Billie Joe writes real good songs, that's all.'

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FACT: Billie Joe's mother mis-spelled his name on his birth certificate because she was high on morphine to ease birth control!